Practical Knowledge

Learn Information Technology & Strategic Management practically. Generally students take this subject as a 'ONLY THEORY' subject but it is not so. Learn things practically like how cloud works, topology etc. that will help you to be a good Systems Auditor.

SMS Revision

Under this students gets daily sms of topics and important topics to be revised daily in 1 hour. So in just 20 days(IT & ISCA), 10 days(SM) we can revise course easily at home.


The unique notes designed for complete revision the day before exams. IPCC-IT in 44, IPCC-SM in 42, ISCA in 70 single sided pages.

24*7 Support

24X7 support to students through SMS/ Call/ Email/ Whatsapp/ Hike till exam starts. We believe our students can achieve anything if they get proper support.


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Overall Passing Percentage

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